Email Marketing Services


Email marketing is one of the most commonly used forms of digital marketing. However, it can be one of the most challenging to truly master. The key elements to successful strategy are effective email list building, proper personalization, audience segmentation, cadence, mobile optimization, and a rigorous testing mentality. Our email marketing services and insights on email strategy are meant to help you integrate your email strategy as effectively as possible with your other digital channels, and with your business as a whole.


Effective Email Lists

Effective email marketing campaigns start with building an engaged audience to leverage from the ground up. We help our clients implement strategies to ensure that their email lists aren’t just padded out with quantity, but that their lists are filled with quality emails. We take a very focused approach to our targeted email marketing service so that you get the highest quality prospects on your list.


Email campaigns often fail by either sending too few messages, or too many. Our targeted email marketing services will guide your strategy with recommendations for the optimal times and cadence to keep customers updated and interested so you earn more revenue from them in the future.

Audience Segmentation

We can help you optimize your email marketing lists by segmenting them in a number of ways, including time and actions taken. This allows you to serve specific messaging to targeted groups of users for specialized initiatives such as an intro to the brand or an upsell push. Proper segmentation also allows you to properly assess how well your emails are driving actions amongst each cohort.

Testing Mentality

The testing mentality is a core principle here at Agency Within, and our email marketing services is no exception. Each email should play a part in improving the next round of emails, constantly improving and optimizing. We guide clients to test all aspects of their email strategies to constantly move forward with their efforts.