PLA Marketing Services (Product Listing Ads)


We manage Google & Bing product listing ads, also known as shopping campaigns, for our enterprise retail clients. Some of our clients have hundreds of thousands, or even millions of unique SKUs. Our PLA marketing service includes a combination of keyword management, product feed optimization, bidding optimization and account restructuring. We can recommend a product feed management and PLA bidding tool, or we can implement a custom solution leveraging your internal product database.


Keyword Management

Managing PLA marketing campaigns effectively requires SKU level keyword analysis. We mine user search queries to identify which keywords perform well and which keywords perform poorly for each SKU. We then architect your campaigns to direct the right traffic to the right products, and negative match the poor quality traffic entirely.

Feed optimization

Product feed quality is paramount for shopping campaigns as your SKU data replaces what is traditionally a keyword list. We improve your product feed by removing errors, adding content, and adding popular user search queries to your catalog. We can also leverage third party data to layer additional product attributes to your pre-existing data set.

Bidding optimization

Bidding is just as important in product listing ads as it is in traditional PPC marketing. Our approach to bidding is two-fold, with proprietary bidding rules layered on top of third party bidding platforms. We also utilize internal data from our enterprise clients to create a feedback loop with third party bidding tools to optimize bids according to your KPIs. This allows us to optimize to your end goal, whether that be revenue, profit, new customer acquisition, CLV or anything else.

Account Restructuring

The setup of your PLA account determines how granular we can get with keyword targeting and bid optimization. We typically restructure clients’ shopping campaigns to allow SKU level granularity for keyword and bidding optimization.


All of our PLA campaigns are done in our clients’ Adwords & Adcenter accounts. This means that every enterprise client has full transparency to their shopping campaigns in both Google and Bing. Our clients maintain permanent ownership of their accounts and all the campaigns and data that reside within them. We are not a black box!


We partner with all the leading PLA marketing and feed management platforms including Adlucent, Channel Advisor, Marin, Kenshoo & Doubleclick DS3. However, we are platform agnostic, so we are happy to work in whatever tool you like to use.