PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing Campaigns


We develop sophisticated PPC search engine internet marketing campaigns tailored to each clients’ individual needs. Since we operate like an in-house team, we leverage internal client data alongside publicly available data to expand our keyword sets, optimize bids, write compelling ad copy, and allocate budgets. All of our enterprise clients enjoy full transparency into their Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter accounts, and maintain ownership of their accounts permanently. While we are happy to recommend paid search bidding tools to run targeted pay per click advertising campaigns, we can work with any SEM tool on the market.


Keyword & Ad Build-outs

We build custom PPC databases for each of our enterprise clients to create hundreds of  thousands to millions of unique keywords and ads specific to your landing pages. This hybrid of manual curation and database expansion allows us to maximize long tail keyword coverage that generates higher conversion rates and ROI. We also leverage SEO keyword data and on-site search query data to identify other potential paid search campaign ideas that may not exist on your website or in your product feed.


We typically perform a hybrid of proprietary bidding rules layered on top of third party bidding platforms to optimize bids on Adwords and Adcenter for our clients. Since we pride ourselves on aligning our goals with our clients’ internal KPIs, we assist our clients with creating an automated feedback loop using internal data to inform bidding decisions on a daily basis. This can be used to create PPC bidding algorithms that maximize customer lifetime value, revenue, profit, customer acquisition or any other internal metric.


All of our targeted pay per click advertising efforts are done in our clients’ accounts. This means that every client has full access to their paid search campaigns in both Google and Bing. Our enterprise ppc clients maintain permanent ownership of their accounts and all the ppc search engine internet marketing campaigns and data that reside within them. We are not a black box!


We partner with all the leading PPC marketing platforms including Marin, Kenshoo and Doubleclick DS3 to name a few. We are platform agnostic, so we are happy to work in whatever tool you like to use to run your pay per click ads.