Across industries, an average of 2% of consumers will convert on their first visit to a site. With the vast majority of upper-funnel audiences likely to leave your site without a purchase, it's imperative that your business have a retargeting strategy to capture the other 98% of sales left on the table. That’s where our retargeting services come in. We leverage cross-platform campaigns, site traffic, custom audiences, proper segmentation, and dynamic content to carve out the strongest retargeting strategies for our clients. Doing so ensures that we’re keeping your business top-of-mind for consumers and driving more sales in the most efficient way possible.


Cross-Platform Campaigns

It’s important to keep your brand top-of-mind for users no matter where they are online. We structure our retargeting strategies to run across multiple digital platforms, including display, social, and search. In addition to keeping your brand relevant, this also allows us to prioritize platforms that may have better performance over others.

Tech and Automation

Retargeting users with the right ad at the right time is complex when you’re dealing with a sea of data. Thankfully, our retargeting services use proprietary technology and sophisticated automation processes to help cut through the noise so that the right users see your ads at exactly the right moments.

Audience Strategy

We leverage data from your site to track the specific actions taken by users along the conversion funnel. In addition to leveraging action-based lists, we also leverage custom lists, such as e-mail lists, store visitors, and social interactions. For clean and proper attribution, we segment retargeting audiences based on a number of factors, including time and actions taken. This allows us to serve specific messaging to groups of users, as well as properly assess how well your ads are driving conversions amongst each cohort.

Dynamic Content

When users interact with products on your site, we can remind those users about those products in various ad formats. Doing so allows us to significantly increase the chances of driving users back to site to complete transactions. We’ll also use this technology to cross-sell and upsell your products!